Cindy Wendle for Spokane

Putting People First

Join The Team

“Spokane needs a leader who will gather us together,
listen, and find solutions that get results.”
- Cindy Wendle

Who is Cindy Wendle?

Cindy is a mom, businesswoman, and dedicated community volunteer. She shares our values and will work to make sure Spokane offers opportunity and safety to every resident.

Cindy has spent her career helping others achieve their dreams. As a branch manager for a local bank, Cindy helped expand lending opportunities to more families so they could buy their first house or start a small business. As a commercial property owner, she provides locally owned businesses with a place to grow and thrive.

Cindy understands the needs and values of Spokane residents. As a mom of three boys, Cindy is personally invested in our community and will ensure all our children have the best opportunity to succeed.

Cindy is a natural leader who gets the job done. She owns and manages Northtown Square, has been part of numerous community organizations, and volunteers at our kids’ schools. Cindy knows how to listen and will use the knowledge of experts to solve our city’s challenges.

Cindy is a lifetime Washingtonian. She was raised in Pullman, spent her college years at the University of Washington in Seattle, then moved to Spokane and married Chud Wendle in 1997. She and Chud have 3 boys, Ben, Nick and Jack.

Cindy on the Issues

Cindy has a plan to fix our broken roads, solve the city’s homeless problem, and promote greater public safety.

Make Spokane Safe
As City Council president, Cindy’s vision is to make Spokane safe for everyone. She has a plan to end open drug use, add more affordable housing, and increase mental health services. Cindy will make sure our law enforcement officers have the tools they need to stop the criminals who would put our loved ones in danger.

Fix Broken Roads
Reliable roads are one of the most essential services our city government should provide. Cindy will make it a top priority to make our infrastructure better serve Spokane families.

Address Homelessness
We need to keep the city’s homeless problem from spiraling out of control. Cindy will fight to have enough housing, counseling, and mental health care for those who need it.

Common Sense Approach
Cindy has a plan to protect our taxpayer dollars and ensure our money is spent on what’s important to us.

Vote Tuesday,
November 5th